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Thursday, September 29, 2011


After initially focusing on Manila Bay, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) today re-intensified its post-“Pedring” cleanup and rehabilitation of other areas in Metro Manila.

MMDA Chairman Francis Tolentino said the agency has also started the cleanup of barangays Tumana and Malanday in Marikina City, and the repair of the collapsed portions of the Malabon dike.

“The weather bureau says there is a new typhoon coming so we have taken advantage of this temporary break in the weather to clear all the garbage and debris left by typhoon Pedring, and also check our flood control facilities that need repairs,” Tolentino said.
About 60 members of the MMDA Flood Control and Sewerage Management Office (FCSMO) have been deployed in Marikina to conduct extensive de-clogging of the city’s drainage systems.

Pedring, with its strong winds and heavy rains, also left much garbage and water hyacinth at the Marikina River, whose water level reached critical level during the typhoon’s onslaught.

“Water level at the river has so far gone down, but it left behind tons of mud,” Tolentino said.

Similar cleanup operations are also being conducted in Navotas City, he added.

In Malabon, portions of Pinagkabalian river dike gave way, causing massive flooding in Bgy. Dampalit and nearby communities.

The repair works are currently being undertaken by the MMDA and the local government of Malabon.

As a temporary measure, MMDA workers will be placing sandbags on the breached portion, to prevent the intrusion of seawater which could affect residents in the vicinity.

On Wednesday, the agency cleaned up tons of debris along the Manila Bay, mostly bamboo washed ashore from fish pens in Cavite. The storm surge has damaged portions of the seawall. MMDA Public Affairs Service

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