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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Php 20.2 Million Worth of Smuggled Goods Seized at BOC

Two trading companies and an individual trader may have lost a fortune and even face legal sanctions for thinking that they could still do away with their illegal activities at the Bureau of Customs (BOC).

In today’s viewing of recently seized shipments which was led by BOC Commissioner Ruffy Biazon, Deputy Commissioner for Intelligence Group Danilo Lim and Deputy Commissioner for Enforcement Group Horacio Suansing Jr., Biazon said the diligent efforts of his Customs Intelligence and Investigation Service (CIIS) operatives led by CIIS Special Operations Head and concurrent Asst. Chief of the Intelligence Division (ID) Eric G. Albano, have resulted in the apprehension of 11 containers of illegally declared shipments over a period of two weeks, this month.

Importer Christina Bitanga Mc Cain stands to lose about 12 million pesos when her one (1) 40 footer container loaded with one (1) unit Aprilia motorcycle, two (2) units motor vehicles, a Hummer and a Chrysler 300C were confiscated for violation of Section 2530 of the Tariffs and Customs Code of the Philippines (TCCP) for misdeclaration and gross undervaluation.

Trading company Japan Home Inc., for its part could lose 2.1 million pesos as well, when its 1,834 boxes of cosmetics stacked in one (1) 40 footer container was confiscated also for violation of Section 2530 of the TCCP.

While RMG Trading 99, could lose 6.1 million pesos when its nine (9) containers of various cargoes like green peas, U-bolts, used shoes and bags, and connector among others were apprehended for using fictitious names as its consignees.

“One way to stop smuggling is to drain the smugglers’ resources. And we can do this by apprehending and confiscating their illegally imported goods.” Biazon said, adding that, “With their resources drained, nobody can replace a jailed smuggler even if they still want to continue with their operations.”

For his part, Deputy Commissioner Lim expressed confidence that the renewed vigor and enthusiasm of his operatives will result in more seizures to come. “We have closed ranks to come up with a more intensified surveillance and detection program of shipments. Thus we expect more apprehensions in the coming days,” Lim said.

In explaining the details of the operation, Albano said, the 11 suspicious containers were detected through their careful and diligent verification and validation of their entries.

“By careful verification of value declarations and names and addresses of consignees, we are able to detect possible misdeclaration or undervaluation of shipments,” Albano pointed out.

CIIS Assistant Head for Special Operations Mitchell Verdeflor complemented Albano’s statement saying that regardless of where entries are filed, whether be it in Cebu, Davao or in any other BOC port, the CIIS Special Operations can easily detect discrepancies in their entries through their proper and diligent monitoring.

Biazon congratulated Lim and his team, even as he reiterated his warning to smugglers that they are slowly catching up with their illegal activities.

“Let this be a warning to all those doing illegal activities at the bureau, your days are numbered. We are slowly closing in on you.” Biazon said.

Both BOC IG and EG are working hand in hand by providing intelligence and logistical support to all operating units working under their respective organizations. Public Information & Assistance Division, Bureau of Customs

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