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Friday, November 11, 2011


Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista has ordered the release this month of the traditional Christmas bonuses of all QC Hall employees, including consultants and personnel covered by contract of service.

In a memorandum circular, the Mayor directed the city budget office to release all available funds necessary for the payment of the benefits, which shall be made not later than November 30.

Under the guidelines, all elective and appointive regular plantilla employees of the QC government under permanent/temporary/co-terminus status who are still in the service as of October 2011, shall be entitled to the payment of the year-end bonus and cash gift. The year-end bonus is equivalent to one half of the employees’ basic monthly salary plus the 50% cash gift amounting to P2,500. The first half of the bonus was already given to the employees last May.

For consultants working on a full-time basis, the rate of the “Pamaskong Handog” ranges from P4,000 to P10,000.

For employees under job contracts, those receiving a monthly pay of P12,000 and above are entitled to a cash gift of P8,000 while those receiving less than P12,000 are entitled to a “Pamaskong Handog” amounting to P6,000 .

Contractual employees who have rendered less than four months of continuous service for the period January to October 2011 and are still connected with the city government as of November 2, 2011 shall be entitled to a pro-rata cash benefit.

Meanwhile, special projects personnel including senior citizen volunteers, community health workers, Muslim asatidz (teachers) and pre-school kindergarten teachers shall be entitled to a P2,000 cash gift.

On top of the traditional Christmas bonuses, QC Hall employees are also entitled to receive additional incentives in December.

Good governance incentive equivalent to an employee’s basic monthly salary await regular plantilla personnel next month who are still officially connected with the city government as of December 1, 2011.

For employees covered by contract of services, the additional incentive shall amount to 50% of the basic monthly rate of the employee.

Employees who have rendered less than 11 month of service are entitled to a pro-rata good governance and performance incentives.

On the other hand, special projects personnel are entitled to a flat rate incentive of P2,500.

Payment of the incentives shall be made not later than December 15 for regular employees and, not later than December 16, for employees under job contracts. Precy/ Maureen Quiñones, PAISO

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