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Thursday, December 29, 2011


It will be all systems go on Monday, January 2, for 2012 renewal of business permits at Quezon City Hall.

The Quezon City government, on orders of Mayor Herbert M. Bautista, has put in place easy and new steps in the new application and renewal of business permits for 2012 to make the city more “business friendly.”

Starting January 2, taxpayers will have 11 easy steps to follow in securing business permit to enable their business to operate legally in QC.

Among the steps are the issuance of tax declaration, Bureau of Internal Revenue (Step 2), initial evaluation, cultural & tourism affairs office, issuance of tax bill for business tax, community tax certificate/cedula, final evaluation/SEC i-VIEW/rebill, signature of Business Permit and Licensing Office (BPLO) Chief for final approval, signature by City Treasurer for payment, payment of taxes at payment lounge, and releasing of mayor’s permit.

However, City Administrator Dr. Victor Endriga revealed that the city government also created a special lane called “Millionaire’s Club” for those business establishments which will pay P1 million and above tax for their businesses.

The Millionaire’s Club will have a separate area located at the second floor of the QC Hall highrise building in processing their new application or renewal of their mayor’s permit.

Members of the club will have a relaxing day even processing their business permit due to the convenience that awaits them at the Millionaire’s lounge, where ushers and usherettes will assist them and will do the step to step application/renewal of their business permit.

Refreshments such as cookies, breads, coffees and sodas will also be available at the Millionaire’s Club lounge.

“Millionaire’s Club members will just go to the second floor and sit down. Our assigned ushers and usherettes will process their business permit in a day,” Endriga said.

QC government is targeting to break the record of last year’s first day total payment of business permits and will recognize the so-called early bird taxpayer. Maureen QuiƱones, PAISO

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